Clarins was inspired by the potential of Web3—the internet's next generation.

For Clarins Precious - AS RARE ARE YOU, we wanted to embrace the chance to celebrate female creatives working at the frontier of Web3, so we partnered with two world-leading digital artists to develop our debut NFT collection. Comprising 325 artworks and an AR filter influenced by our new, luxurious Clarins Precious range, the collection embraces the poetry of paradox—science and nature; stillness and motion.

Each NFT features unique animation. Four ultra-rare NFTs offer especial value, with exclusive rewards for holders.

"I hope that the Clarins Precious project will inspirea lot of female artists to bring warmth and empathy to Web3."

— Ada Sokół


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    Frozen in time, waiting to be awakened—a rare and precious bloom

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    Gradually, the artwork begins to evolve in a mesmerizing and beautiful transformation

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    At last, your unique collectible reaches its magnificent final form


We have collaborated with two outstanding digital artists to share the story of our newest skin care range—and a remarkable flower, which blooms just once a year, behind its products.

Inspired by the innovation behind Clarins Precious, and created by artist Ada Sokół, our debut NFT collection comprises a series of stunning artworks that transform over time. We are also thrilled to launch the AS RARE AS YOU filter for Instagram, a personalized AR experience that marries nature and technology to generate ethereal effects that gesture to the rarity and radiance of the range. The filter has been developed by an internationally-recognized digital artist who started experimenting with 3D while digging the beauty, fashion, and luxury industries as an art director.



Ada Sokół is a 3D artist and designer celebrated for her surrealistic, sensual works. Her distinctive signature style weaves together elements of futurism, fantasy, and photorealism, yielding immersive experiences at the intersection of nature and technology. Given Clarins's emphasis on science-backed skin care, inspired by the beauty and power of plants, Sokół's practice instantly struck a chord with us.



Paris-born Ines Alpha is an internationally renowned digital artist. Using 3D software and augmented reality to combine makeup and technology, Alpha creates ethereal, futuristic narratives that merge the virtual with the real. Her desire to "explore self-empowerment in the internet age" makes her a natural creative partner for Clarins.


Created exclusively for Clarins Precious, AS RARE AS YOU conjures unique AR makeup with every use, creating an otherworldly, three-dimensional self-portrait.

Effects are generated at random, meaning the filter will never be experienced in exactly the same way. Like the Moonflower, which blooms just once a year, AS RARE AS YOU expresses something scarce and precious—for an hour each day, users can experience the filter's ultra-rare moonlight version.

Designed for use solely with Instagram.

"It's exciting to see such a well renowned brandcollaborating with female artists in the digital field."

— Ines Alpha



Clarins Precious is our newest premium skin care offering – a luxurious range developed to stimulate the skin’s own youthful resources. These innovative products are the triumphant result of years of research by our laboratories, who identified the best active ingredient to stimulate skin’s longevity protein called FOXO. The longevity protein neutralizes the effects of time by controlling and activating the skin’s defense mechanisms.

This exceptional youth promoting ingredient, blooming only one night a year, is the Moonlight Flower. The result of cutting-edge technology processed at -196°C, the Moonlight flower cryoextract has the power to reactivate longevity protein, FOXO.


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  • What blockchain does this project use?

    CLARINS Precious NFT uses the polygon blockchain, known as one of the most eco-friendly blockchains that scale Ethereum.


    The Clarins Precious NFT collection is one of the very first of its kind to be created by a luxury skincare brand, featuring work by two of the world's most exciting female digital artists. Drawing on the ingredients and mechanisms of Clarins's Precious products, the NFTs embody the art, science, and philosophy behind the highly sophisticated formulations. And, like the sought-after Precious products, the NFTs are scarce, with only 325 minted.

  • What is an NFT wallet? Which one should I use to claim the NFT?

    An NFT wallet is a digital wallet that allows users to store, manage, and trade cryptocurrency and NFTs. It helps you acquire new assets and purchase collectibles with the assets you already hold, and features a number of security measures to prevent loss or theft.

    The Clarins Precious NFTs can be stored via Metamask, WalletConnect, and CoinBase.

  • How will the NFT be revealed?

    The NFTs will be revealed from March 7. Holders can view their collectibles on My Page: simply click on your NFT, then the 'Reveal' button on the prompt that appears.

    Please refer to this step-by-step manual for clear instructions if you are having any issues during the process.

  • What are the shipping terms for complimentary products?

    1) Goods can be shipped to one home address only. This applies to customers who hold multiple NFTs.
    2) Goods can only be received in four regional locations: the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and France
    3) Holders who have not entered their personal information will not be able to receive their items.

  • When will my complimentary items arrive—and what are they?

    Items will be shipped between 22 March - 14 April 2023. Please allow up to four weeks for your shipment to arrive.

    Customers will recieve one luxury 15ml trial-size Precious La Crème, one luxury 30ml [OR 10mL - TBC] trial-size Precious Treatment Essence, and a Precious pouch.

  • I can't see my NFT.

    Please allow 10 minutes for the first NFT minted to appear.

  • What is meant by 'utilities'?

    The NFT is divided into two tiers, each corresponding to different utilities, or customer offerings.

    Holders of tier-1 NFTs will receive complimentary Precious luxury trial-size products and a one-on-one session with a Clarins Beauty Coach. Holders who live outside France can arrange a virtual consultation to learn about how to get the most out of these exceptional formulations. These holders will also receive an invitation for an immersive digital experience.

    Holders of tier-2 NFTs will enjoy a personalized, one-on-one VIP consultation in addition to an invitation for an immersive digital experience.